Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beadfest Philadelphia 2012

Ok, so I know there's been radio silence on my part for a couple months. I've been so busy with work and making the pottery and jewelry that I love, that my blog has fallen by the wayside. That said, I'm just finishing up a couple days at Beadfest Philadelphia (in Oaks, PA), an annual pilgramage that lets me take classes to learn new techniques or make fun projects with techniques I already know. This year I took classes with Diane Dennis (BeJeweled necklace), chain maille bracelet with Sue Ripsch, bead embroidery with Nikia Angel, and Candlelight Earrings with Jill Wiseman. It was a blast!! Most of the pieces are only halfway done (if that much!), so not much to show yet. Plenty to keep me busy until next year's event.

Here's a couple pictures of the works in progress - components of what will become larger pieces.

First finished component for Nikia Angel's "21st Century Slide" bracelet

Focal component of Diane Dennis' "Bejeweled"
And then there are the supply vendors and artist selling their wares at the Beadfest Expo. It's easy to spend your paycheck in a heartbeat! But one of my all-time favorites is Joan Miller Porcelain, a member of the Beads of Clay group. I love, love, love her stuff and always set aside some of my budget for her beads. Here are a couple of new beads I picked up and some of the jewelry I made with the beads I picked up last year.
New beads from Joan Miller Porcelain

Jewelry I've made using Joan's work.

And finally, lest you think I have forgotten how to make pottery, here are a bunch of pieces fresh out of the bisque fire (first firing). They are waiting for a coat of glaze and the second firing.
Until next time!