Monday, June 27, 2011

Making Ceramic Pottery: Every Wonder What It Takes?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make those ceramic pieces of pottery you see at a craft fair, on Etsy, or in an art gallery? Well I’m going to show you!

I have a full time job but I love to make pottery and jewelry during my off hours. I’ve been making pottery for more than 14 years, initially handbuilding, and then on the wheel. Like many people, I started taking classes in college and then continued taking classes at local art centers. But knowing I wanted more, I bought a wheel that I could set up in the kitchen and a small kiln that could run on regular household electricity). I’ve now expanded to a dedicated corner of the sunroom which serves as my studio and 3 electric kilns (small, medium, and large).  Over the last several years I’ve made hundreds of ceramics pieces and have learned tons along the way.  Keep reading my blog and I’ll share some of those learnings with you.

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