Sunday, February 26, 2012

I've been MIA!

Sorry folks, I've been busy traveling for work with much more to come over the couple of months. That hasn't left me much time to play and with the time I have I've been making pottery and jewelry!

For those of you that are into fiber crafts (knitting, crochet, spinning). I found a great site on everything fiber-related called Ravelry (you have to join with your email, but it doesn't cost anything). I had run into it in the past through my mom, who is an avid knitter, but I was brought back to it via a custom order request for a yarn bowl. It was great fun trying to make someone's vision into a reality and in fact I missed the boat on where the curlies were supposted to go (one on each side of the bowl, not just two different directions!). No worries though, we let this one go to the public and it sold quickly. I'm in the process of making the 'right' bowl this weekend. But the benefit of getting tied in through Ravelry is that I've connected with a number of other fiber workers who have either bought bowls or have requested custom yarn bowls. So much fun so little time! That day job is getting in the way! Too bad it's the one that really pays the bills :-)

Until next time!